About Us – Interviews

The second half of the year saw an increase in media interest about our solutions. Our company has been the subject of several interviews.

  • The Forbes Italia journalist Enzo Argante interviewed Alessandro Tozzo for the Terzo Canale Show. We talked about Artificial Intelligence, innovation and BrainControl solutions for people with severe disabilities. A moving and engaging story with many practical examples including the story of the recent project developed together with Fondazione Mantovani Castorina, Museo City and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology of Milan. (interview in Italian)
  • The video interview for Humans and AI in which the voices of Alessandro Tozzo, Tommaso Capresi and David Landi describe BrainControl philosophy, strategy and solutions and their viewpoint about Artificial Intelligence. (Interview in Italian)
  • Finally, Syrus Industry’s interview (in English) with Alessandro Tozzo, in which the company’s values, mission, solutions and future challenges are described. Read the article here