BrainControl Avatar and Ferrari Museum: a new, important partnership at full speed.

The BrainControl Avatar has landed at the Museo Ferrari Museum in Modena, causing great excitement among car and technology enthusiasts.

As we imagine the Avatar hurtling like the famous Prancing Horse reds through the museum’s spectacular halls, we must remember that this is only a daydream.
In fact, the Avatar will continue to move at its usual speed, allowing everyone to enjoy an unprecedented virtual tour experience.

We are pleased to announce that we are finalising the details to allow all interested parties to book their virtual visit to the Ferrari Museum with a simple click.
Soon it will be possible to immerse oneself in motoring history, exploring the magnificent and iconic cars on display, thanks to BrainControl technology.

Keep an eye on our website for real-time updates or write to  if you are interested in making a visit.