BrainControl Avatar to be always there

Even our team uses BrainControl Avatar to be always present, even when it is not possible to be there physically.

On July 12th a training course was planned for our coworkers but two of them couldn’t be present in person and this would have been a problem.

During the course it was planned to have teamwork and “movements” in the room.A simple web connection would not have allowed all this!

It would have been really a pity for Antonio and Tommaso to lose this opportunity, but thanks to our BrainControl Avatar the distance barrier was cancelled.

Both could participate in the course, interact with the trainers and the other colleagues, be part of teamwork and move around in the room freely as all the others did.

BrainControl Avatar has been developed to allow everybody to guide an own robotic alter ego, in an easy way, using his/her own computer and mouse or mouse emulator (including eye tracker), overcoming geographical or physical barriers

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