BrainControl enters the San Jacopo Hospital in Pistoia

Through the donation of the Marino Marini Pistoia-Montecatini Rotary Club, the multi-functional hospital room Gughi dedicated to the ASL patients (named after the founder Mr. Guglielmo Bonacchi) in the Department of Neurology will be equipped with a BrainControl device.

This morning, in the presence of the Health Director of the Pistoia Hospital – Dr.Lucilla De Rienzo – the device has been delivered to equip the Neurology and  Neuro-physiopathology Department directed by Dr. Gino Volpi.

Thanks to the BrainControl kit – helmet, software, tablet – the patients affected by ASL in locked-in condition will be able to issue commands to the system and improve the communication with the outside world.

An achievement that will significantly improve the lives of patients, that of their families and caregivers.

Our mission has always been to give back hope to people affected by degenerative diseases and restore the concrete possibility to interact with the outside world, because we firmly believe that technological innovation should be used to improve the quality of people’s life.