BrainControl launches SMART, for personalized rehabilitation and diagnostics

BrainControl expands its range of software and devices with SMART, the first software capable of providing periodic and personalized analysis and diagnosis tools, in the assistance and rehabilitation process, even for patients without voluntary body movements.

The software is a user-friendly platform with patient assessment tests and rehabilitation exercises in order to enhance and/or preserve the patient’s abilities.

Specifically, both for the evaluation tests and for the rehabilitation exercises, the spheres that are involved are the cognitive/functional one and that relating to visual skills.

The tests and exercises available on the platform are predefined but there is the possibility of creating further personalized tests for the single patient, defining specific rehabilitation or strengthening paths.

BC smart

BrainControl SMART can be used by any type of patient, including LIS/CLIS patients: it is in fact possible to interact through the most common methods of interaction such as mouse, keyboard and mouse emulator but also with more advanced methods such as eye pointer, BCI.

At the end of each test/exercise, the system will produce a report which will give the doctor/caregiver the possibility of defining a clinical diagnosis based on an objective evaluation. By repeating the tests/exercises periodically, it will then be possible to create a cumulative report in which the various stages of the procedure followed for each individual patient are highlighted.

BrainControl SMART is configured as a truly useful mean for structuring a relationship between patient and doctor/caregiver based on periodic comparison and a test/evaluation dynamic capable of triggering a virtuous mechanism, which stimulates the person’s rehabilitation process.

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