First master’s degree in ‘Bioinformatics and Data Science’ launched in Siena

The first edition of the 2nd level executive master’s degree in “Bioinformatics and Data Science”, is launched by the University of Siena in cooperation with Toscana Life Sciences, the University of Pisa, the University of Florence, the CNR in Pisa and several business companies operating in the biotechnology sector.

The course is an initiative in collaboration with the world of business and corporate research to meet the needs of the biotech companies active in Tuscany.

The aim of the course is to provide transversal knowledge of the biochemical, genetic and proteomic basis as well as to improve the ability to manage advanced tools and devices based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and analysis of biomolecular and biomedical big data.

Genomics, functional proteomics, drug and vaccine design and precision medicine will be among the main fields of application of the acquired skills.

The master’s programme includes a 5-6 month training period with mixed teaching, i.e. in-presence at Toscana Life Sciences in Siena, and in streaming for those who cannot attend in-presence lessons.

The course will be followed by a 6-8 month internship period in biotech companies or laboratories to give students the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired.

Registration is open until 11 December 2020.

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