Group over 70 visits the Museum of Santa Maria della Scala thanks to the Avatar

BrainControl Avatar, previously used for schools and people with disabilities, allowed a group of seniors, over 70, to enjoy a unique cultural experience.

The start-up S.O.F.I.A., which deals with helping families in difficulty, wanted to promote social inclusion and accessibility to culture, organizing this guided tour of the Museum Santa Maria della Scala in Siena.

The group was able to tour the museum’s halls and listen to descriptions of the works done by the museum guide, being impressed by the beauty of the paintings and sculptures on display. The experience was greatly appreciated by the visitors, who thanked both the start-up and BrainControl for making this visit possible.

The use of the Avatar is another step forward in the area of social inclusion and cultural accessibility.

BrainControl is always willing to collaborate with organizations and associations to promote art and culture through the use of technology.

For more information on using the Avatar, you can contact

Over 70 - visista con avatar

Those who wish can book a guided tour with Avatar at the Santa Maria della Scala Museum from the home page of the museum’s website.