MOTUS Danza and BrainControl’s Avatar produce an inclusive performance for people with motor disabilities

Motus danza - avatar

Last April 20th, at the Alfieri Theater in Castelnuovo Berardenga, the MOTUS Danza company put on an inclusive performance thanks to the use of BrainControl’s Avatar.

Tommaso F., a person with motor disabilities, was able to participate in the live event thanks to the Avatar’s technology, which enabled him to fully experience the theater.

But Tommaso’s Avatar was not just a passive spectator: the previous day, in fact, he participated directly in a dance workshop with three dancers from the MOTUS Danza company, becoming an integral part of the team. The experience was very exciting for both Tommaso and the dance troupe.

The initiative was the launch of AVAT-ART, an innovative social inclusion project that uses robotic technologies to ensure access to live performing arts for people with severe motor disabilities.

BrainControl’s Avatar is a robotic technology that makes participation in live performances possible for those who, due to severe motor disabilities, would otherwise be excluded.

A good practice that could be extended nationwide and applied to performance events of various kinds.

MOTUS Dance and BrainControl are proud to have produced a show of inclusion by demonstrating that art can be accessible to all.

motus danza -avatar