Our Avatar participates at The Last 20, because bridging gaps is our main goal.

The Last 20″ committee, set up in February 2021, gathers the twenty poorest countries of the planet according to the international statistics based on the main socio-economic and environmental indicators.

“The Last 20” has become a travelling event in Italy with the aim to increase the public awareness on these countries focussing on immigration, international cooperation, climate change, inter-religious dialogue, food shortages and poverty.

We were therefore delighted to accept the invitation to attend the Abruzzo and Molise stages which took place from 17 to 20 September. We took part to the meeting with our BrainControl Avatar, participating in round tables and interviews with people who, due to physical and geographical barriers, could not physically attend the event.

As usual, our Avatar allowed these people to be virtually present and interact with the interviewers and the attendants in a very natural way, bridging the gap between distance and inability to move.

For more info on The Last Twenty visit www.thelast20.org