Release 2.0 for BrainControl AAC, a way to improve the interaction between patients and the outside world.

BrainControl AAC*, the range of medical devices based on Artificial Intelligence, is now available in a new version making easier and more immediate to remove the barriers  inhibiting  people with severe neuromotor disorders to interact with the outside world.

This new version – which can be used with our BrainControl Sensory and BCI – features major innovations  such as the following:

  • Completely renewed graphics: significant improvements in graphics and colours make the application more user-friendly;
  • Phrasebook customisation: the phrasebook grid is even more customisable allowing to choose the background and the boxed text colours, insert GIF images and choose to insert a post-selection sound different from the one included in the scan mode;
  • Rotational scanning: to make it easier to scan the chosen command key, it is possible to set a scanning mode positioning the scanned cell in the centre of the screen;
  • Integration of the Epoc X helmet. A new version of the helmet, more comfortable and practical to wear;
  • Qwerty keyboard: the standard keyboard layout is now available and particularly suitable to interact via BrainControl Sensory system;
  • Facebook and YouTube: the access to the most widely used social network and video platform has been added to the software. These new features are designed to be used through standard interaction within the BrainControl Sensory.

 BrainControl: freedom without barriers.