The new booking system for BrainControl Avatar

As you know, we are always looking for new solutions and services to facilitate the use of our devices and make every process easier.

We are therefore pleased to announce that visitors using our BrainControl Avatar can now manage the booking to museums and exhibitions in a more straightforward and simple way. In addition, the adhering organisations will automatically collect feedback from visitors.

Our Avatar is a robotic alter ego that can be easily tracked from remote by the user who will have the chance to enjoy a real and totally immersive experience with the surrounding remote environment.

The new method can be easily inserted into the organisation’s web page. In this way it will be able to independently schedule the visits and make them available to the public.  The visitor will in turn easily select the chosen slot from those made available.

The booking procedure is supported by automatic confirmations and reminders via e-mails both to the user and to the organisation.

Moreover, at the end of the visit, the user will receive a satisfaction questionnaire to allow the organisation to collect immediate feedback.

An easy and simple way to reach a common goal: to make museums and other places more accessible for all users through our Avatar.

For more info, please visit the  webpage dedicated to our Avatar: